Get Out And Ride At The Cycle Corner
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General Road Ride Schedule

Join in our weekday escapes.

The Cycle Corner of Frenchtown
52 Bridge Street
Frenchtown, NJ 08825
(908) 996-7712

Mondays, Thursdays, & Fridays: ~12:20/12:35pm (weather permitting)

- A 2 hour +/- jaunt into the Hunterdon County, NJ &/or the Upper Bucks County, PA areas.
- Pace and distance will hover between a 'B' and 'AX+' speed depending on terrain, exhaustion and level of stress to relieve.
- We could be staying on the river 'flats' or venture 'inland' for some hill riding.
- Some regrouping after each hill will take place if needed.

Come and join in, or lead your own ride from the Shop.

The Cycle Corner will be available before and after for use (water, bathrooms, cycling necessities, etc.)

Any questions, please call Dave at the Shop.

Design Your Own Ride

This website will allow you to develop your own cycling routes on bike friendly roads throughout NJ and some of PA. All mapped roads have a ride suitability rating. Scenic areas are listed, as are climbs, parking areas, shopping and more. Print out the 8.5x11 PDF maps and take them with you.

Selected Local Maps (Frenchtown & Hunterdon County):
Central Jersey
Frenchtown, NJ
Lumberville, PA
Stockton, NJ
Lambertville, NJ
Pittstown, NJ

Local Rides We Like

The Somerset Wheelmen are a 90+ member organization of competitive cyclists. CCoF staff also race for Team Somerset (The Cycle Corner of Frenchtown was a past Team Sponsor for several years). See their Team training schedule for more information.

The Van Dessel / Ralston Firehouse Wed night "Fast Guy Ride".
This is an "A" level fast training ride. It's Wednesday nights at 6:00pm. Departs from the Ralston firehouse on route 24 in Mendham (just west of Roxiticus Rd). The ride will head out on Roxciticus Rd. to Far Hills. Any stragglers coming up Roxiticus Rd can meet it along the way. Then up Liberty Corner Rd., down into the hills and out Burnt Mills. Then out towards Whitehouse and if there's time and daylight, out towards Mountainville on Rockaway rd. Then back along Lamington towards Far Hills again and back to Mendham. The usual hotspot sprints are at the end of Burnt Mills, the bridge a couple of miles past the dairy in Whitehouse and the end of the long white fence at the route 206 end of Lamington.

Several Local Bike Clubs offer weekend and weekday bike rides throughout the year. Various speed and distance levels are available. The CBBC also maintains a ride cue sheet repository of many local ride routes. The Cycle Corner of Frenchtown proudly sponsors the following clubs:
Central Bucks Bicycle Club (CBBC)
Western Jersey Wheelmen (WJW)

Other Rides We Really Like

We've been participating in the HellWeek events since 1998. We are regulars at the Florida Gator Country HellWeek as well as the original Texas HellWeek.

Some may consider these rides excessive, but we just call them good clean fun and suffering. Nothing prepares you for a competitive race season like a few HellWeeks. One can ride at one's own pace, or attempt to hang with the "Big Dogs". Expect to meet high level USACycling road racers, triathaletes and RAAM riders/winners at any of the HellWeeks. As their slogan aptly advises: "No Wimps or Whiners Allowed"

Another epic 3-day ride is the Answer to the Challenge. The route is just spectacular, and the rewards are well worth the effort. We'll be going back again for more...


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