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Please Note that we have SUSPENDED All Bike Rental Services Until Further Notice

Rental Information

What better way to really try out a new bike before you buy it�or enjoy a beautiful sunny day with the family at the park? We have several types of bikes for rent. Rentals are available for singles, families, and groups for two-hour, four-hour, daily, or multi-day rates. All rentals include the free use of our helmets. If you decide to purchase a bike within one week after your rental, we will credit the cost of the rental towards your purchase (up to $50 per bike)!!!

The 16 Giant Sport/Comfort Mountain Bikes make up the majority of our fleet. These bikes have upright comfortable handlebars, large gel seats, suspension seat posts and smooth riding tires. The current SedonaDX models are equipped with 24 speeds (3x8) with indicators and either Twist or Trigger shifters for simple shifting.

We sell off our Giant SedonaDX rental fleet after each season. You can obtain a lightly used bike at a reasonable price. See the process and available bikes On This Page.

We also have a limited selection of Specialty Bikes available for rent:
- Two 26"-wheeled Electra Townies (1 Men's, 1 Woman's);
- One 24"-wheeled Electra Townie for Shorter Women & Girls (~5'2" or Less);
- Two Youth-sized 24"-wheeled Mountain Bikes (Fits ~4'4" to 5'0" heights);
- Two Youth-sized 20"-wheeled Mountain Bikes (Fits ~3'8" to 4'6" heights);
- One NEW Electra Cruiser Tandem (7-Speed) New 7sp Unit for 2016!!;
- One Zigo Leader Child Carrier/Bike;
- One Tow-Behind Burley Child Trailer (excellent for one or two children, up to 100 total lbs.);
- Two Trail-a-Bikes - Attaches to an Adult Bike (~3-6 age-range);
- One Fat-Tire Cruiser (2-Speed KickBack with Coaster Brakes);
- And one Recumbent: the Sun X1-SX

See example pictures of our rental units below...

Rental Rates

  • Sport/Comfort Mountain Bikes / Townies / Child Trailers / Trail-A-Bikes
      • $20 for Up to 2 Hours
      • $30 for Up to 4 Hours
      • $45 for a Full Day (4+ Hours to 24 Hour period)
      • Discounted Multi-Day Rates Also Available


  • Tandem / Fat-Tire Cruiser / Recumbent / Zigo Leader
      • $30 for Up to 2 Hours
      • $40 for Up to 4 Hours
      • $60 for a Full Day (4+ Hours to 24 Hour period)

*All rates include free helmet rentals and locks (where available)

Rental Reservations

We take and recommend reservations for Late-Spring, Summer and Early-Fall Weekends, or anytime you have specific needs, such as: Bikes in limited supply (Tandem, Zigo, Youth Bikes, Trailers, Trail-A-Bikes), Moderate-to-large sized groups, Folks traveling from distances, etc. In addition to our "Walk-In / First Come - First Served" option, we have two types of Reservation Options to suit your schedule:

Courtesy Hold: We will be happy to hold your bike(s) for the first hour that we are open (10-11am). After our first hour of operation, all rentals revert back to a "first-come" basis.

Firm Reservation: If you require one or more bikes to be available after 11am, a Firm Reservation will hold the bike(s) until your arrival. If the bikes are available, we will remove them from the fleet of available units, and hold them specifically for you. Your rental time period will start at either: your rental depart time (if prior to 11am); 11am (if a firm reservation is made previously), or at the time of your firm reservation (if made after 11am on the day of your reservation). A Visa or MasterCard is required for the hold. Should you cancel the reservation, you may be assessed a 2hr rental fee for each reserved unit.

Sport/Comfort Mountain Bike

Upright bars, Gel Seat, Suspension Seatpost

Men's Townie

Men's Townie 7D

Women's Townie

Women's Townie 7D

Smaller Women's Townie

Smaller Women's Townie 7D

Youth Mountain Bike (20" and 24" Wheeled)

High Quality Kid's Mountain Bike

Cruiser Tandem (w/7-Speed Internal Gears)

Fat-Tire Cruiser

Zigo Leader Child Carrier & Bike

Holds two children up to a total of 80 pounds

Burley Child Trailer

**Attaches to Adult Bike (Bring Your Own Bike or Rent One of Ours)

Holds two children up to a total of 100 pounds


**Attaches to Adult Bike (Bring Your Own Bike or Rent One of Ours)

Sun X1-SX Recumbent

Fun and Comfortable!

Riding from Frenchtown

Enjoy a leisurely ride on the converted rail bed, which runs along the scenic Delaware River. Travel nine miles south to Bulls Island State Park. Cross the Delaware on the Pedestrian Bridge and explore the quaint village of Lumberville, Pennsylvania.

On the New Jersey side, there are two great river communities awaiting your visit: Stockton (12.5 miles south of Frenchtown) and Lambertville (16 miles south of Frenchtown).  These two towns have great eateries and shopping!!  Don�t forget to experience New Hope, Pennsylvania, which is across the river from Lambertville.  

Looking to add variety to your ride home?  Take either Route 29 (which has a wide paved shoulder) or the historic Delaware Canal that runs parallel to the river on the Pennsylvania side. Also see the NJ link below for road suitability maps of the NJ & PA areas.

NJ Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park

PA Side Delaware Canal State Park

Information and Map of the NJ D&R Canal Paths

Delaware River Bike Paths

Bicycle Suitability Map for Roads in NJ & PA


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